Focus on Natural Health Education & Community Development Inc.                                 "Our Summer Community Garden-2012"
Help us, to help them!  Our goal to feed at least 30 needy families (125-150 individuals) 'FREE' fresh fruits and vegetables this year of 2012 was fulfilled however we still need your support!  You can help by volunteering your services in the upkeep of the garden such as removing the grass and when it's time for the harvest this Summer and Fall assisting in the picking (reaping) of the produce.  Also, we are accepting Tax-Deductible Donations!  We are a non-profit organization with its' 501(c)3 with the IRS. No Donation is too large or too small!  We are in the market for garden tools, such as Garden Hoes, Rakes, Tractors, Tillers, Plows, Disc, Box Blades, Computers, Projectors, Glass oven-ware, stainless steel pots and pans etc. all of these donated items can and will be Tax Deductible!  We need someone to Bush-hog some of the grass that is surrounding the Community Garden and Plow 1 acre for our 2013 Summer garden!  Please call 601)278-1868 Mobile Office or 601)878-6935 Office

Our Fall Community Garden of 2012
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