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Deborah H. Gant CEO/Founder/President
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is a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) and a Natural Health Educator.   She earned her B.S. degree at Jackson State University on May 11, 1980 in Mass Communications.  She worked at WLBT-TV3 as a production technician for several years and have been a producer and still remain a producer at PEG-TV where she produces and hosts  'Focus on Natural Health Education & Community Development Inc.' show.  She started the non-profit organization in 2002, rendering 'free' sugarless-healthy milk shakes to the general public at various health fairs.  She's conducted several Health Fairs, Nutrition & Healthy Cooking Classes, and assisted in various institutions Health Fairs such as Piney Woods Alternative School, Walmart Diabetes Awareness Week, Mt. Wade Baptist Church and Mt. Eva Baptist Church, just to name a few.  Her dream and the goal of the organization is "to put the brakes on" and "reverse the 7 major debilitating diseases in the nation" (they are-Heart Disease, Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, High Cholesterol, Obesity and Arthritis) and at the same time curtail Hunger NATION-WIDE!
Andrew, Thomas Stukes of University of Georgia and Christopher M. Harrison of Fantastic Graphics works hard in separating 16 large barrels (that were donated by the U.S.D.A.) for planting of carrot seeds and transplanting of red onions and collards in the Spring/Summer 2012 Community Garden for the NEEDY.
Focus on Natural Health Education & Community Development Inc. is non-profit organization with its' headquarters located in Terry, MS and its' satellite in Jackson, Mississippi.  Other organization may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  Our Spring/Summer and Fall Community Gardens of 2012 were successful.  We provided FREE fresh fruits and vegetables from our Spring/Summer Community Garden and several types of 'Greens' from our Fall Community Garden to the NEEDY.  Please check out our other pages for more information and check back periodically for our latest updates!   We request that you will be generous in giving us a liberal tax-deductible donation and please tell others about our website.  We are in need of a tractor and garden tillers, new or used!  Please visit our other websites @: ;; ; and
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We're COMMITTED to Feeding the NEEDY and Senior Citizens!!!!
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